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It’s always so exciting for me to attend a fashion show, especially because I haven’t attended too many and when I did it was only in my country, Czech Republic.

What I love about fashion shows is the entire experience, as you come to the location, you get to see all the creativity people put into their outfits. Here is just one example that I captured on my phone.


Then, you have the music that gets you even more excited for the show as you are waiting to go inside the hall, once you are in you are waiting for the lights to go off and the show starts.

As a blogger you only have like 30 seconds to capture each model, both the clothing and accessories, with your eye, and your camera, to take good pictures, as well as capture moments on Snapchat,  Instagram Stories and now Facebook stories, which is not easy, but it’s a lot of fun! I know I struggled to do it all this, even though I am a woman and I would say good in multitasking 😀 I know now that next time I will come more prepared, and decide, which platform to use and how to make sure I am being consistent.

If I would compare the shows in Czech Republic and in Dubai, I definitely prefer Dubai, but there are things that I like in Czech as well. For example, Czech makes great use of the historic spaces, when I attended Designblok in 2014 it was in the Church of St. Simon and St. Jude, and then when I attended the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, I was mesmerised by the interior of the Ziba building. However, I think the starting Czech fashion designers need to think of more ways to differentiate themselves, by using storytelling and multimedia. Also, I think it would be interesting to see a collaboration with another artist for the show.

At Fashion Forward, I really liked the collaboration between Lux and Abed Mahfouz, the designer that created a gown made of soap, it really made the show stand out for me. Here are some pictures I took of the dress.

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What I think makes Fashion Forward in Dubai really special is the huge expat community and the people that travel to Dubai to see it, so you really get to see people from all around the world being creative in their own way, celebrating their own cultural roots.

Another, part of #FashionForwardDubai that I really liked was the presentation by Ghudfah, because of the beautiful silk material and the colour palette that was used. The collection was very elegant and feminine. Here are some my photos.



While, I missed some of the shows, my favourite from the ones I saw was definitely by Amato Couture. I loved how it had a story line that lead you to a powerful message in the end, which was that #warisstupid.

I really liked the attention to detail in that show, the make-up, the hair, sunglasses, branches and flowers…and also the way the models walked in the setting.

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All the shows are now on the Fashion Forward Dubai YouTube channel, here:

Fashion Forward Dubai – YouTube